Hi Subha,<br/><br/>Thank you for this Report.<br/><br/>Just like to ask a 
question related to the Indic Programmes. In your work plan for April 2013 
onwards, you focus on 5 Indic languages, Telugu, Kannada, Konkani, Bengali and 
Odia.<br/><br/>I am happy to see a spurt in activity reported in Telugu and 
Kannada communities. I am also happy to see that Odia maintains a steady pace 
with workshops. On Konkani, I see some mention of upcoming activities in Goa. 
But, I see no mention of Bengali in the report.<br/><br/>Would you or anyone in 
the team like to comment on why this maybe so? What issues is CIS-A2K facing in 
working with Bengali?<br/><br/>Warm regards,<br/>Pradeep Mohandas<br/><br/>Sent 
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