Thank you Subhashish for the response at:

Dear Shyamal, this workshop was for demonstrating the participants about
create a home made set up to scan the books, edit the scanned images and
make an eBook. OCR is not still stable for Indic languages and would need
another workshop for presentation. Here the "creating text based documents"
is basically the manual editing on WikiSource. Please feel free to edit and
correct if any mistakes found. --Subhashish
talk <>) 10:34, 19
August 2013 (UTC) That sounds too basic. Almost any office assistant these
days is expected to know how to use a scanner and create at least a PDF. It
would be good if you can post your proposed workshops. There are really
excellent (and local if I may add) resources who can be proposed by the
community. Shyamal <>
15:00, 19 August 2013 (UTC)----
To abstract a bit from this - may I suggest that any planned workshops
actually work out the topic coverage on-wiki so that the structure is
useful and the expectations are clear. Asking potential attendees for areas
of interest or expectations may also help. Since there appears to be a plan
to do this on an India-wide scale I think it would be good to include
several other topics. Some of the things that I have had to consider in the
course of scanning thousands of pages of documents for the Internet Archive
are included below. Hope others can add to it.

* Image formats - djvu, PDF comparisons, PDF/A - grey shade, black&white,
use of JPEG2000, TIFF
* Online archival options
* Digital libraries - also good to bring in people (librarians, archivists)
involved with Indian digital library projects - including the ICAR DLI - (even if their website is terrible ) - other local digital library/archive ventures , )
* Book-scanners
* Home scanning tricks and solutions eg. how to scan large sources (such as
a newspaper that is bigger than the scanner bed)
* OCRs - use of layers, Indic language problems, approaches (is it possible
to crowdsource manual transcription, can the technology be extended to
allow people who do not know the language to help in manual transcription)

best wishes
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