2013/8/20 Karthik Nadar <karthik...@wikimedia.in>

> Congratulations to Moksh and Jayantha, and kudos to Sudhanwa Jogalekar,  
> Anirudh
> Bhati and Bala Jeyaraman for their priceless contribution.
> Arun, yes, we are planning for another meeting soon in Mumbai, where we
> shall be present while others will be present in call, so as to define each
> others role as the earliest.
The first meeting of the new EC (along with outgoing  EC) is crucial to be
done face to face for the following reasons

a) Reflection on the year gone by and capturing lessons learnt

b) Team building workshop to  learn the approaches and strengths,
expectations of one another

b) Election of office bearers and other roles of the EC

c) Strategy discussion and   outline of priority programs and champions
till the next year

d) Finalisation of  budget for the current financial year

e) Strategy, programs, budget  for the next financial year (required for
FDC funding proposal due by 1 Oct 2013). The newly elected EC members input
will be critical as they will be  continuing for the whole of next
financial year.

Additional information for Election is available in the Elections and
Appointment Rules for WIkimedia Chapter Official positions

Expenses for meeting should not be a constraint in conducting face to face
meeting. Face to Face meeting of joint EC was done in the last year in
which the outgoing EC participated.  Hope the Executive Committee will
consider the above and finalise their meeting plans.

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