Goa University announces plan to upload Konkani encyclopedia on Wikipedia


PANAJI: The Goa University, on Thursday, re-launched the four volumes of 
Konkani Vishwakosh (Konkani encyclopedia), and announced its ambitious plan to 
upload the same on Wikipedia – a free encyclopedia built collaboratively using 
Wiki software – so as to build the Konkani Wikipedia.

The university has entered into a 3-year memorandum of understanding with the 
Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), for building up the Konkani Wikipedia.

Vice Chancellor of Goa University Dr Satish Shetye, speaking during the event 
held at the university said that Wikipedia is a global phenomenon and a 
platform to bring people together for making creative activities possible, 
which in fact, has challenged the monopoly of publishers and created a movement 
in order to put together knowledge, further making it accessible to public.

“This platform will bring together Konkani speaking people of the world, 
besides providing an opportunity to learn about digitisation, and write Konkani 
of global standard.”

Dr Shetye, who incidentally noticed large number of volumes of the Konkani 
encyclopedia stacked in the Goa University premises, decided to take them to 
maximum people through their re-launch and upload on the Wikipedia.

The work for the Konkani encyclopedia project was commissioned during the 
tenure of vice chancellor Prof B Sheik Ali, and was carried out by various 
people from Dr Manoharrai Sardesai to Dr Tanaji Halarnakar, with the aid of the 
Konkani department at the university.

The four volumes of the 3,632 page Konkani encyclopedia are being re-released 
under Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 to support the movement of open 
knowledge and open access. The programme director for the Access to Knowledge 
Programme of the Centre for Internet and Society, Vishnu Vardhan, speaking on 
the occasion said that the process of uploading the four volumes of Konkani 
encyclopedia on the Wikipedia would be complete in six months time, and 
includes processes like scanning, digitisation and creating articles as per the 
requirement of Wikipedia. He also stressed on the need to rewrite some of the 
articles in Konkani encyclopedia so as to contemporarise their contents.

Vardhan also informed that relevant training programme would be specially 
co-designed by the CIS as well as the university to put up the content on the 

Goa University is the first university in the country to re-license copyright 
of its content, and hence can be termed as the ‘Champion of open knowledge’, he 
observed. Registrar Prof V P Kamat and head of Konkani department Priyadarshini 
Tadkodkar were also present on the occasion.


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