*Times of India : "Tamil wikipedia tops charts" *

With more than 56,000 articles, Tamil is the 60th most popular language in
the world when it comes to Wikipedia.

On Sunday, a group of contributors to the page gathered to celebrate its
10th anniversary at Anna University. In India, it is second to Hindi in the
number of articles.

"When it comes to the average word length of articles and the number of
references for each article, Tamil is ahead," says *Mayurnathan*, the first
contributor to Tamil Wikipedia in 2003. "When I began, I was the only one
writing for the page in the first eight months," he said.

Ten years on, there are 965 contributers, of which 300 are active at any
given point. "We have around 1.75 lakh page views everyday - this is more
than several other Tamil magazine websites," said Mayurnathan.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia available online to which anyone can
contribute and edit existing articles.

Wiktionary, a free dictionary has more than 35 lakh entries in 1,100
languages. Of this, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam have more than one lakh
entries each.

"Our presence is bound to get better as Tamil Virtual Academy has decided
to donate two lakh technical definitions," said *L Sundar*, another

Tinu Cherian

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