Hello everyone,

This is my first post to "Wikimedia India" mailing list, I recently
successfully completed my internship with WMF as a part of Google Summer of
Code. This year we had 9 students from India interning with WMF, this
number is huge considering the fact that 20 students were selected across
the globe. I was wondering if maybe we could have an annual  "Indian
Wikimania", where developers can meet and share their experiences, conduct
hackathons, etc. We also have had many developers in the past GSoC editions
too. We could channel all this experience and organize an annual event.

There have been workshops in Kolkata( conducted by Sucheta nd team),
alongside the GNunify Conference, at BITS Goa campus. I could manage to
read the summary of these events and all of them turned out to be big hits.
So if we could conduct such workshops on a large scale annualy, we can
definitely attract more developers to contribute.

And any reason why the "The Wiki Conference" has only held in 2011 and not
continued after that?

I maybe wrong on my facts, please excuse me and correct me for that.

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