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On Wednesday, 25 September 2013 5:15 PM, ViswaPrabha (വിശ്വപ്രഭ) 
<viswapra...@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear all,

To set right the facts straight, please let me explicitly state the following 
for the information of you all:

 I have been using internet and e-mail systems since 1994-1995. Since then 
until now, not even once, I have used the freedom to send a mail to any person 
or lists in a way not disclosing my singular and true identity.

2. I 
have not sent any mails to this or any other lists as 'Zakas' or 
whatever names. Usually I send very few and only absolutely necessary mails to
 Wikimedia lists (except perhaps for ml-community). Even after becoming 
an EC member, I have always restrained to limit my mails as we have 
assigned specific EC members for public relations and communications. 
That is, I deem that shouldering the responsibility of an EC member, one
 is further constrained to write (even personal) mails to the lists as 
much as one would like to.

3. Abiding the standard code of
 conduct to its fullest meaning, I have not communicated, disclosed or 
discussed any such matters that
 should be dealt within or by the EC under the purview of its collective
 responsibility to any undue third parties. I have also not prompted 
anyone else either to act on his own or as a proxy to carry out any missions.

I must also state it clear and loud that, 
as a person, I have no monitory, social or political interests that 
conflict with my assumed responsibilities within the EC or chapter. In 
being or serving as a chapter member (or as its extended functionary), 
my sole aim is to upkeep the mission and motto of Wikipedia and to 
effectively utilize the opportunities and resources it allows and 
provides for the betterment of the community. Therefore, I DO NOT NEED TO 

Please allow me to write these rather silly lines more on a list which I always 
consider serious and subject-worthy. My apologies for the same in advance.

Dear Pradeep,

Is just withdrawing an accusation of that degree enough?

as this could heavily damage my reputation and stature henceforth both at a 
personal capacity as well as a responsible member of the 
current WMIN EC.

>> Dear Vishwaprabha,

I think till this point the points you raised are valid. I had already in an 
email previous to this withdrawn my statement. You have asked that I apologise 
since you did not deem this retraction sufficient. I think that this is fair. I 
even grant you the freedom to shout, in asking for your apology. 

However, I deem the statements from hereon as a hit below the belt of an 
opponent who has already raised the white flag. This does not become you as an 
Executive Member of the Wikimedia India Chapter. 

I wish I had tried out the methods you suggest below or at least had the 
guidance of someone who had access to these methods. My email, which I see as 
rather stupid in hindsight, was rather written without giving any thought 

I know that this email has shown me in poor light on this mailing list. I 
cannot take back my words which I have written. I offered you an unconditional 
apology, which is all that I could do under the circumstances.

I only wish to place on record that I am disappointed in this following section 
of the email that you have sent me. In this section you conclude that I am a 
fool, stupid, ignorant and cannot think on my own two feet. Although you do not 
state this openly it is, in my opinion, implied. For this, I do not ask you for 
an apology, I only ask that you leave me alone and that we part ways amicably.

warm regards and good luck in all your endeavours on Wikimedia and off it.

Pradeep Mohandas

**end of Pradeep's emails**

I must also remind you that either your 
criminology and cyber-investigation lessons were quite bad, or your 
'teachers' were quite unprepared. Or perhaps, you did not carry out your 
overnight homework exercises  carefully.

It is quite funny how you could have arrived such  laughable conclusions 
considering the following reasons:

1. Do I really call 'Moksh' as 'Moksha'? I don't think so. Did SOMEONE ELSE 
tell you so? Then, could it be that you were taken for a ride by those someone 

2. Now, if someone else did not tell this (non-fact), how did you come to 
know of such a peculiar 'disorder' that I seem to have? Did we even talk to 
each other after a face-to-face (and very friendly) meet on 3rd of 
May 2012 (at Kerala Sahitya Academy compound, Thrissur)? Have we even 
ever spoke through phone or any other voice channels (or even mails)? 
Except for 3rd May 2012, Do I even know you personally? And then, did I even 
knew a person called 'Moksh' (or 'Moksha'), worthy of a subject of interest 
until the recent elections (or at the least, until I actually got involved with 
the chapter business  last October)?

3. The next possibility is that I could have possibly written his name as 
'Moksha' somewhere in a mail list or wiki page. Can you EVER SHOW ANY PAGE OR 
EVEN PRIVATE MAIL where I have used the term 'Moksha'?

So, having done a serious wrong, I demand you to immediately offer your 
apologies (to me as well as the list for having misled them,) right through 
this mailing list!

With the above statements and demand,
I remain.

-Viswanathan Prabhakaran



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