Good to see some movements at meta, it worked to an extent so far.

This is all you got to cover up; newsletters, and list of events at meta.
Except these, is there any page which is updated?

Newsletters, we knew where to find, i was not asking for it, but i was
asking why there is no updates at meta?
In newsletters, you keep repeating few blog posts in the consecutive
month, i noticed couple of times. I don't understand the need of it.

Do you have answers to each concerns and questions i have raised?
I'm not just talking about updates, which are one or two month due,
also asking about "Community Mid-year reports", "Evaluation results",
"Quarterly community survey" which have not been started since the
inception of A2K.

I see, recently one team member has been added. What about another
team member? Isn't s/he in the team, and an employee? Please add the
profiles and their work details.

When i first raised those concerns via email, you didn't listen,
delayed. Then I forced you to respond, then you said you'd consider,
but you didn't. Then I raised some more concerns at meta, few you
didn't accept, few to accept i had to show you facts and figures.
All the points I've raised in this duration, there still few to many
are pending in which to few you had said you'd get back or consider!
Well I don't know how long it'd take you to do that?

Then just again I have raised few more questions. Lets see how you and
your team will work on that and able to respond to them.

Is this how you have planned for the community to make you work? Then
I think the community members should be getting twice the amount of
yours!! :D

I don't know your definition of "Lie". But when people don't keep
their words, i call it lie, and them liar.

Thanks for your time.

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