>> When i first raised those concerns via email, you didn't listen,
>> delayed. Then I forced you to respond, then you said you'd consider,
>> but you didn't. Then I raised some more concerns at meta, few you
>> didn't accept, few to accept i had to show you facts and figures.
>> All the points I've raised in this duration, there still few to many
>> are pending in which to few you had said you'd get back or consider!
>> Well I don't know how long it'd take you to do that?
>> Then just again I have raised few more questions. Lets see how you and
>> your team will work on that and able to respond to them.
>> Is this how you have planned for the community to make you work? Then
>> I think the community members should be getting twice the amount of
>> yours!! :D
>> I don't know your definition of "Lie". But when people don't keep
>> their words, i call it lie, and them liar.
> Let these figments of imagination be, as they are. I would prefer to stay
> away from such needless rhetoric, as I and my team have wasted considerable
> human hours already in doing so. Let's stick to a critical analysis of
> CIS-A2K's work, which is productive. Your earlier mail (sent 2 days ago)
> was to the point and concise.

You call it whatever you want; imagination, or your incompetency in
understanding the issues and addressing them. I don't see how you
wasted any time, when you never attended to any such issues. I'd have
agreed if you have said, you have wasted time replying to me. I did
too and feel the same way.

You didn't take this as part of your job nor you did it kindly.

But I see because of me, at least few pages are being updated. And for
that I've been shameless asking for it, like I'm getting some personal
benefits out of this!

It shouldn't be like this. And let me tell you just one last thing,
your attitude towards your work is not right.

And I don't want you guys to respond just because I'm asking for it.
Thanks for your time.

PS: I don't intend to continue this, so feel free to ignore.


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