Yes it's definitely relevant, but few of us missing the point.

There are better and easier ways of getting such updates:

1. Blog posts (also available via Twitter/Wikimediablog):

2. Wikimedia-l:

3. Multimedia:
This mailing list particularly started for such multimedia updates, see:

4. It may get highlighted at Wikimedia Highlights (monthly):; Users can
subscribe to receive at their desired user page(s) here,
This also published at wikimediaannounce-l

Such updates enabled at particular sites also get published there, in
this case at Meta, MediaWiki and Commons, e.g. here at

So I'm not sure, how many depends on this mailing list, folks who want
such technical updates can easily avail these above means.
However such updates related to India would be fine to get re-posted here.

Finally let me mention something important: I don't know from where
the post was copied, but it's sad and disappointing that an A2K
employee doesn't know about attribution.


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