On the GLAM event at the National Museum, we have have outlined what we
wish to do here.
We have a volunteer team which has agreed to conduct the event. I have sent
an MoU to the institution and await their acceptance. We do not expect a
problem. Adequate in principle understanding is present.

There is an institute associated with the museum with 160 students studying
museology, a subject related to museums. The Museum also has a 50 member
volunteer community consisting of teachers, retired officials and such
knowledgeable people who conduct guided tours. We have some students of
local colleges and the community of Wikimedians from Delhi.

We hope to address about 20 tp 30 interested people from this lot and
engage them in a GLAM pilot for about 100 artefacts the museum may open up
for the pilot. This choice is left to the Museum at this stage.

Andrew Gray from UK has agreed to address the volunteers for an hour or
two, during his holidays in New Delhi. We will get a over view of these
artefacts from the curators at the Museum. They will also help the editors
with references, and make available their library resources and meta data.
Some references may be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. We will teach editing
to the students / volunteers who sign up. Over 4 days we will take them
through sandbox to first article with substantial content. Small teams of 2
to 3 people may jointly create an article. A second article may also be
initiated. With 4 to 5 experienced wikimedians signing up as guides and 4
days of event, we will have adequate hand holding to reach the desired
level. Emphasis will be on obtaining and uploading reference material so
that even outside the workshop the editing can continue. A follow up event
will be held a month later.

At the end, we should have some photo gallery, articles about many
significant artefacts, a group of editors who have worked together, and an
enabling environment where Museum will help them in their ongoing editing
activity. The results will continue beyond the workshop. Best of all we
will have the museology students who have done this exercise joining
various Museums in India. They can become key enablers for similar
initiatives across a number of museums.

Our current critical point is the schedule. We are pushing for the holiday
season, and starting this in our current grant period. It straddles two
financial periods precariously. We have to get a consensus on the dates
with the Museum. This is expected in the next couple of days.


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> Dear Sowmyan,
> Glad to hear this is coming along!  Could you share a little more about the
> planned partnership?  What activities would take place, on-site and
> on-wiki?
> Thanks,
>    Asaf
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