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Telugu Wikipedia celebrates 10 years today and there have been several wiki
training sessions, aka wikiacademies planned by the Telugu Wikipedia
One of these Telugu wikipedia training sessions was organised at Hyderabad
on Sunday, 8th December, 2013. This is 5th such academy that has taken
place at Hyderabad.
The event saw a turnout of around 21 people coming from various teaching
backgrounds; right from a Professor in Telugu from Osmania University to a
teacher at a private school, Teachers, professors, student-teachers,
instructors attended the event.
A detailed description is given
This event has drawn lines for organising Tewiki Dasabdi (translates to
Telugu Wikipedia Decennial celebrations) with more enthusiasm.
The teaching community of Telugu has reaffirmed to make use of Telugu
wikipedia in and out of the classroom, and also many of the participants
have already turned into wikipedia editors.
"Few of the difficulties, the Telugu teaching fraternity faces  have been
solved by Telugu Wikipedia" said one of the participants, hailing from
Mysore CIIL.
"I've been horrified by the mere touch of keyboard and mouse, this Telugu
Wikipedia seems promising to deal with my Computerophobia" said HoD, Telugu
Osmania University Prof SV Satyanarayana. The professor also urged the
organisers to conduct one such workshop for his students in the coming

Congrats to the community on completion and success of this session.

With thanks & regards
*Rahimanuddin Shaik*

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