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> Hello all,
> FYI.. in a bit advance, most probably the announcement will be on
> Wikimedia-l by tomorrow. :-)
> http://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/12/16/new-individual-engagement-grantees-to-engage-community-with-tools-and-outreach/
> Congratulations
> to
> all,
>  and Arun Ganesh (User:Planemad) from India along with Hugo Lopez
> (User:Yug) from France, their project has been approved,
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IEG/Wikimaps_Atlas.
> Arun, I look forward to seeing the developments as you move ahead with
> this project. All the best.
> Regards,
> Ansuman
> IEG committee member
Thank you Ansuman,

The Wikimaps Atlas is a an ambitious endeavor to create possibly the
largest repository of ready to use free maps for the world and fix the huge
shortage of maps that currently plague many Wikimedia projects. Please read
our project page for full details on what we plan to achieve:

On behalf of Hugo as well, I would like to thank everyone from the Indian
community for taking the time to review the proposal, providing feedback
and your valuable support. Its been a lengthy dream to do this and we are
really excited to get this level of support from everyone including the WMF
to get this project off the ground.

With the support of this grant, both Hugo and me who have spent
considerable time creating maps for WIkipedia, will be able to take a break
from our working life to dedicate our effort to develop this resource. We
plan to start work only in March, and you can hear more on the progress and
the inputs we will require from the community in the coming months.

 Arun Ganesh
(planemad) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Planemad>
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