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Subject:        [Mediawiki-i18n] beta testing mobile webfonts
Date:   Mon, 16 Dec 2013 13:03:45 -0800
From:   Ryan Kaldari <>
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Per conversations with Amir, Santhosh, Siebrand, and Jon, I would like to beta test mobile webfonts on 1 wiki and then possibly add more wikis later if the beta test does not cause any adverse effects. To this end, I have identified seven candidate wikis that I would like your help to narrow down further. These seven wikis meet the following criteria:
1. The language of the wiki would benefit from loading a webfont by default
2. The default font would be less than 50K in size
3. The wiki has at least 50 active users (i.e. a community)

Language        Code    Articles        Users   Active Users    Font Size
Punjabi         pa      8,069   6,818   61      12.6K
Gujarati        gu      24,623  17,696  59      28K
Marathi         mr      39,621  39,114  135     36.4K
Nepali  ne      24,944  14,379  73      36.5K
Hindi   hi      109,045         101,837         274     37.3K
Oriya   or      4,535   5,937   76      47.8K
Kannada         kn      14,384  17,455  177     48K

The main variables that I don't know are:
1. How bad is the experience on each of these wikis without webfonts?
2. Do we already have a working relationship with the communities on any of these wikis?

If you guys could help me narrow down this list to one or two choices, it would be greatly appreciated!

Ryan Kaldari

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