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> Dear fellow Wikimedians,
> Thank you all for your encouragement of Telugu Wikipedia community's
> initiative to recognize the contributors by a special award called
> Komarraju Lakshmana Rao Wikimedia Puraskaram[1], named after first modern
> encyclopedist in Telugu, perhaps the first among Indian languages
> (c.1912-13).
> We got 28 nominated proposals for the awards[2] out of which 18 were
> complete, based on the acceptance criteria outlined in the initial
> announcement. Selection council analyzed all proposals based on
> quantitative metrics like wiki statistics and qualitative assessment of
> each nominee's contribution and it's impact on Wiki 's growth and
> development. We would like to thank all the people who participated in the
> nomination and proposal development process and also those who helped to
> improve the process by their feedback during its roll out. As this is the
> debut year for the awards, Selection council decided to award 10 recipients
> recognizing their contributions during the last decade of Telugu Wikipedia.
> In the order of final assessment score, the awardees are *Chaduvari, M
> Pradeep, Chava Kiran, Veeven, Palagiri, Ravichandra, Ahmed Nisar,,
> JVRK PRASAD and Bhaskaranaidu.* They will be presented with cash prize
> and certificate during the Telugu Wiki Ten Celebrations . You can see their
> pictures, citation remarks in Telugu and English [3]. The background
> material[4] and scoring sheet[5] are also available, if you are interested.
> To recognize members who contributed significantly to Telugu wikimedia
> projects but could not/ did not give their consent for the award nomination
> and/or did not get selected for the award, Selection council decided to
> award Jury appreciation certificates. These will be given to 30 members
> selected by the council[6]. An electronic certificate will be presented in
> their user talk pages shortly
> It's been an arduous effort and the selection council members have put in
> nearly 1000 hours of effort as a group in the past couple of months since
> award conception. Can't thank enough the selection council members Arjuna
> Rao Chavala, A. Rajasekhar, T. Sujatha and A. Radhakrishna. Special thanks
> to Arjuna Rao Chavala, Selection council secretary for taking the major
> responsibility for this initiative. We also thank Tewiki 10 Celebrations
> committee[7] for ensuring necessary funds to support this award.
> As with any first time endeavor, I am sure there is room for improvements
> in this process. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future
> attempts.
> Sincerely,
> Ravi Vyzasatya
> 1. Award details and rules (in Telugu)
> 2.  Proposals  
> 3.  Award winner details
> 4. Applicants work statistics and factors aiding growth   
> 5.Scoring sheet
> 6. Jury Appreciation certificate winners 
> 7. Tewiki 10 Celebrations Committee  
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