We signed off 2013 and welcomed 2014 in style with a classic GLAM program
at the National Museum in New Delhi. This is the best program I had seen
till date.

Join me in applauding Arun Ram, LShyamal, Konarak Ratnakar, and Swapnil for
their contribution in making this event a success.

Andrew Gray (WMUK) contributed to the first session related to this program
with a personal address to the Museum folks on 23rd Dec 2013. We concluded
the workshop on 5th Jan 2014. We still have some time to go before the 71
articles pilot is completed. That could take about 6 months.

About 20 people have been trained and teams of about 4 members jointly
worked on an article, and they were helped through till the publication of
their first article. None of these are stubs. About 5 articles were
published and their QRcode posted at the Museum.

The enthusiasm of the participants was excellent. The support from the
partner institution was great. We look forward to a great time for GLAM
activities in India.

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