I have mentioned the "Reasonator" frequently on this mailing list and, I am
really happy to inform you that the latest version has some major

When you look at the Reasonator page for Mahatma Gandhi in Malayalam [1],
you will see that the words in English are "red lined". This indicates that
there is no label in Malayalam. The pop up window for each item that is
referred to, prompts you to add the missing label.

In addition to this, when we know of an image in Wikidata, this pop up
window will show you a picture and the manual and automated description as

In my mind everything that we can do technically to help you appreciate the
information has been done. It does take time for Reasonator to load. This
is however the same amount of time it takes for Wikidata to load its
pages.. Improvements in the speed of Wikidata are likely to benefit
Reasonator as well.

PS PLEASE let me know what you think.. if it works for you.

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