Dear  Wikimedians

First let me introduce myself.  I am Viswanadh, Telugu Wikimedian for the
past 7 years and I am currently acting as the President of the Telugu Wiki
10th Anniversary Organizing Committee [1].

As many of you may know Telugu Wikipedia completed 10 Years on December 10.
To celebrate this historic milestone the Telugu Wiki Community has planned
to meet over for two days during Feb 15 and 16 in Vijayawada. We have also
undertaken a series of On-Wiki and Off-Wiki activities. You can see all
program Details on this page [2]

On behalf of the Telugu Wiki community and on behalf of the Telugu
Wiki 10thAnniversary Organizing Committee, I take deep pleasure in
inviting you all
to join us in these celebrations. We are deeply interested in learning from
the experiences of other Indic communities and thus have decided to offer
20 travel scholarships to Wikimedians from across all language communities
of India. We have budgeted Rs. 2,000/- for each Wikimedian. Please register
yourself at this link [3]. Please see our budget document here [4].

Let me also take the pleasure in inviting the WMIN Chapter EC members for
the event. During our discussions over phone, Moksh has connfirmed that the
EC would join us in the celebrations at Vijayawada. It will be a great
opportunity to meet and interact with the majority of the Telugu Community
at this event.

The two day schedule for the event is still evolving but you can see the
progress here [5].

We look forward welcoming you all at Vijayawada.

Thank you,


President, Telugu Wiki 10th Anniversary





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