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> India has a lot of successful women scientists who have made a mark in their
> respective fields. However, it is unfortunate that these women still do not
> have an existence on Wikipedia. Read this blog post to  know a little more.
> We are organizing a Women Scientists edit-a-thon tomorrow and day after.
> Join us by editing as many articles as possible during these the two days.
> Apart from creating articles, you could also help us by correcting or
> expanding existing ones. Adding names to the existing list of scientists
> would go a long way too.

What criteria (relative academic accomplishments) is being used for
qualifying as a "women scientist"?
Some days ago, I saw some entries for fresh people with a couple of
publications (it was part of an earlier round of editing).
One cannot really go by the few awards (politicized) and such.

If that is the criteria, then I know at least 95 women who would fit
in. If I set the cut off point at 5 years in research, then the number
would be 60 - 72+ (I am not sure ).

If the criteria is 100pp of publication in refereed international
journals or 10 years in research or some high impact work (requires
peer review), then the number would be much less.

ps. I don't want an article on myself as I have enough publicity :)


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