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>  The criteria being used to determine notability of an academician is
> WP:ACADEMIC. As for the definition of women, both cis and trans women are
> considered under the edit-a-thon. The initial list of suggested articles
> were initially created based on the book Lilavati's daughters brought out by
> the Indian Academy of Sciences. This edit-a-thon is a continuation of the
> Lilavati's daughters edit-a-thon which was initially started off on meta
> wiki in 2013.
> I am sure that there would be many other notable Indian women scientists
> whose biographies are not present on Wikipedia. Please feel free to create
> articles about them, or at least add their names to the list of articles
> needing creation here.

I don't have much time to create articles. Many of the women who
specialize in sub-disciplines tend to
avoid reaching out - they (esp older people) may not even bother to
maintain their web pages (if they create one in the first place).
Very few people usually work in foundations of a sub-discipline (at a
global level) - that partly explains the attitude for a subclass.

What I can do is get  first person accounts or biographical write-ups
by senior students (in that tree) and submit it to you people and
possibly get some academics to actually contribute. Some emeriti from
outside the country do contribute in subjects like logic (I know
because I am often part of the discussions) but not from within.

There are societies associated with specific sub-domains/subjects.
Some of them bother about related content and people. We should have
methods for motivating such societies to do something. I am in the
executive council of the Indian rough set society and am part of all
the logic groups, but we have never bothered.

I need to say a lot more - will do so after conference (22nd).

> If any of the articles created during the edit-a-thon does not match the
> notability criteria for an academician, please point that out on the talk
> page of the respective article.

will see.

> Please be informed that whether or not one person should have a Wikipedia
> article is not under her will. If somebody creates a Wikipedia article about
> you, you will have to live with it as long as you are notable :-)



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