I had suggested a list of activities at the beginning of my term as GLAM SIG 
here - http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Talk:GLAM_India. I've had to resign as GLAM SIG 
Chair mid-term. However, I thought that I should at least provide a summary of 
the efforts in India here for the benefit of the members.

However, I believe now to be a good time to begin crafting a GLAM policy for 
India for the WMIN Chapter. I understand that many of the Chapter members have 
approached various GLAMs in their individual capacity with the intention of 
getting the knowledge on Wikimedia projects. You may have been met with varied 
levels of responses - from a straight no to an expression of interest to a 
willingness to try this out and perhaps an embrace of the concept. 

One of the highlights of the GLAM projects in India this year that was 
communicated on this list and elsewhere was the BNHS project in Mumbai [short 
report here - 
 the project at the National Museum at New Delhi [page here - 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:GLAM/NM]. I hope the volunteers who 
participated in the project were able to appreciate the issues faced and the 
problems encountered while undertaking the project. 

There are small efforts undertaken by individuals who connect with GLAM 
personally using their personal contacts and are working towards getting the 
same on Wikimedia at their own pace. Let me take this opportunity to appreciate 
their efforts and their dedication. 

warm regards,

Pradeep Mohandas
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