I got this in my mailbox today. Might be of use to those looking to
strengthen citations, etc. It is not India-specific though.

*Free Access: Social

Routledge is one of the world’s leading publishers of history journals and
books, with a wealth of research on social history appearing every year.

Showcasing a collection of cutting-edge articles and books from across the
Routledge History portfolio, this free collection explores a variety of
themes, from Gender and Sexuality to Ethnicity and Migration.

Enjoy browsing - the articles are free to view all year.

   - Crime and Violence<http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13LmIjVXxavvWOk0BGlIv0FS6y>
   - Culture <http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13LmInViSBeRrMiKNxV6QJEuc9>
   - Ethnicity and
   - Gender and
   - Labour <http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13LmIzTkUTqTWGeZn8DhTUAksW>
   - Rural and Urban<http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13LmIHS1BKTAWCctKRM4BmxyE8>

*Take a look at the

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