Vishnu, glad to see your prompt replies...not good left some
important points!!
All i see is plans and reports.. No outcome!


On 16 April 2014 21:28, Vishnu <> wrote:

> Dear Wikimedians,
> Sharing the below some replies, which were put up on Meta [1], in case you
> have missed seeing it. Sorry for cross-posting. It would be good to
> continue the discussions on Meta.
> On Monday 14 April 2014 12:24 PM, Ravishankar wrote:
>> (copy of this comment placed at
>> wiki/Talk:India_Access_To_Knowledge/Draft_Work_plan_July_2014_-_June_2015. 
>> We can continue discussing there)
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for the elaborate work plan.
>> 1. The way the budget is presented at
>> Knowledge/Draft_Work_plan_July_2014_-_June_2015#Budget
>> is misleading. A good percent of this budget will be spent on staff
>> salary, travel logisitics and other things which will not be there if the
>> work is done by the community. So, this is not the actual cost needed for
>> the desired output but the cost arising because of the involvement of paid
>> professionals.
>> So besides this way of presenting the budget, there should also be a
>> regular way of presenting budget like how the chapters are asked to submit
>> during FDC application. It can be noted that during the last round of FDC
>> funding application, WMIN faced very strict criterion regarding
>> infrastructure cost, staff salary cost.
> Hi Ravi, thanks for engaging with the work plans and the questions. Have
> tried to address some within the context of the work plans.
> We had shared a google spreadsheet [2], which gives a micro level picture
> of the Budget against each of the planned activity. Also each plan has an
> independent budget and is closely mapped on to the implementation plan, and
> clearly lists the proposed expenses for CIS-A2K staff costs and travel
> costs. An attempt is made to correlate why we are spending a certain amount
> on a certain activity. Thus all these budgets are very optimally planned
> and the overall budget is an assimilation. CIS-A2K chose this design to
> provide mission level transparency to our work and to provide a clear
> structure of accountability to the movement and community. However, based
> on your feedback we have realized that it would be useful to also give
> item-wise break-up on Meta. We have given this budget break-up here [3].
>> 2. I have an eerie feeling that the community development work in India
>> is getting outsourced to NGOs like CIS at the cost of crippling budding
>> local chapters like WMIN. The way Hindi Wikipedia seeks help for content
>> management (fixing Google articles) confirms my concern.
>> 3. Where can I find WMF's open assessment of the work done by CIS-A2K in
>> the previous year? How is the cost for the work done justified? If the cost
>> if justified, then the actual communities and the content they have
>> developed on their on own are worth many crores of Indian rupees. But, we
>> face strict guidelines when applying for grants whereas NGOs like CIS don't
>> have that strict criterion.
> We feel it is more productive to see the complementarity between the WMIN
> and CIS-A2K than to pitch them as competitors for financial resources. The
> later would undermine trust-building and consequently threatens the growing
> synergies between WMIN and CIS-A2K. It is particularly intriguing that
> outsourcing is being mentioned here as a model. Would be useful to have
> more clarity and larger discussion on these. Probably, it would be apt to
> raise these broader concerns on CIS-A2K's FDC proposal discussion page [4].
> Best,
> Vishnu
> [1]
> Knowledge/Draft_Work_plan_July_2014_-_June_2015#Budget.
> 2C_CIS_support_rationale_and_Assessment_by_WMF
> [2]
> 0AshSF7ZKRBR5dGpMUnNKdHItUFJGMHluQUFxZGRHMmc&usp=sharing#gid=4
> [3]
> Knowledge/Draft_Work_plan_July_2014_-_June_2015/Budget
> [4]
> Proposals/2013-2014_round2/The_Centre_for_Internet_and_
> Society/Proposal_form
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