Thanks for informing about this.


//It would be excellent if you could share the original CIS MoU//


It is interesting that CIS-A2K makes ceremonial media reports about the
MoUs it signs with institutions but the MoU it signed with WMF is not
public yet.


CIS-A2K grant is expring this year and WMF has assured of no never ending
renewals but CIS-A2k goes on to make "3 year long" MoUs.

Signed an MoU with Goa University

Goa University entered into a three year MoU with CIS for building Konkani
Wikipedia. As part of this partnership, Goa University and CIS-A2K will
work together to help build Konkani Wikipedia and community.

So, I hope both WMF and CIS will honor the community by making the MoU they
signed a public record.



P.S. Here is another instance of a request for the same -
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