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> 1. Chapters are free to set their own course and come up with their own
> strategy, goals, and annual plans.  They are thus independent.
> 2. Chapters that want to avail themselves of _movement funds_ -- a
> relatively plentiful and relatively accessible source of funding -- do need
> to propose compelling plans with at least a considerable emphasis on the
> goals identified as strategic goals for Wikimedia.

Thank you, Asaf. I now understand how this works. So long as a Chapter
is willing to further the WMF's larger strategic vision, they can get
access to WMF funds - assuming, of course, they have a plan and the
proven capability of delivering that. It's this latter bit that the
WMF/FDC has raised questions about?



 They are still free to
> pursue specific programs and interests that are a good match for their
> context -- regional, organizational, and motivational (i.e. what their own
> volunteers are most motivated to work on).  The balance between
> definitely-strategic and perhaps-less-strategic-but-making-sense-in-context
> initiatives needs to be a reasonable one, and to be reasonably argued for,
> but it can certainly be done.
> 3. In my earlier comments, I was suggesting that WMIN _not_ forego movement
> funding, because, in my opinion, its actual goals and its volunteer base
> _are not_ in fact too divergent from movement goals and WMF's expectations.
> I asserted that the abiding disagreement between WMF and WMIN is much more
> around the _how_ than the _what_, and that that disagreement can be
> surmounted.   (I acknowledge, however, that it has so far seen little
> positive development: despite much investment of time and effort from both
> sides, and multiple channels (including face to face conversations)
> attempted, neither side has accepted the other's expectations so far.)
> I remain interested, as mentioned earlier on this thread, to engage with
> WMIN on a more constructive note, on a path toward greater credibility and
> confidence in WMIN from WMF; such a path would need to go through realistic
> growth planning, demonstrable community engagement and support, and some
> sustained record of success.  In a way, the latest round of discussions with
> WMIN has resulted in something along those lines, at least in terms of
> WMIN's current plans and three short-term focuses (I wonder if they were
> shared with this list -- if not, perhaps the EC would consider doing so).  I
> remain frankly skeptical of WMIN's ability to execute those plans in terms
> of volunteer engagement (and even EC/board engagement), but I would be
> _delighted_ to be proven too pessimistic.  I am happy to discuss more
> strategic planning (as distinct from the three short-term focuses) any time,
> if WMIN's current leadership would show interest.
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