Being a silent listner on the list for quite some time.
There are some points Asaf and WMF staff are not talking about.

When it comes to funding the chapter in any way, all kinds of questions are
raised. So much so that the chapter staff member left the organisation. At
the same time, A2K and the previous organisation/mechanism has huge money
without any accountability or publically given targets and its completions.
In simple terms, there is no transperency in this(A2K) regards from WMF.

Both chapter and A2K share the same pool of volunteers. chapter people are
purely volunteers and A2K people are paid staff.

Comparing other chapters -with WMIN- like WMUK or Netherland chapter etc.
for funding mechanism is wrong as WMIN is possibly not even allowed to
become part of global fundraiser.

If any "volunteer" wants to work for some project, there are two simple
options- either to reach to WMIN who apprantly have no funds and will be
asked all kinds of questions by WMF OR reachout to A2K who have absolutely
no restrictions on funding any project and no further hassles also. So, if
Gerard or any "volunteer" can answer where to join for a project, you will
always get a simple and obviously biased (from the facts mentioned above)

If ultimately eveything is coming to money matters, a team of some 10
people handling 10 milion INR compared to begging to WMF by chapter speaks
out loud and clear.

If WMF wants to see both the organisations working to wards their
objectives, they should not have this kind of discrimination.

I am sorry if I am talking something wrong. Please correct me wherever
needed. All that I have said is after reading the pages for grant requests
and further discussions and A2K reports and future plans and ofcourse this
mail thread.

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