Poor volunteers of all the global Wikipedia communities,

WMF in principle will allow you to have a staff to develop your Wikipedia
for doing following work:

   - Act as a community liaison for the respective language community
   - Build institutional partnerships as outlined in the language area
   plans. This is a time consuming activity and is aimed at either one or all
   of these: cultivating new editors, creating content, content
   donation/re-release under CC-BY-SA 3.0/other libre licenses.
   - Constantly be in touch with the existing community over multiple
   channels (on-wiki, mailing list, IRC, over telephone, one on one meetings)
   to understand their needs and challenges and find ways of addressing them
   to the best possible extent.
   - Design and undertake outreach, if the community is unable to do it, to
   grow new editors.
   - Retaining new editors through editor engagement.
   - Help the community with necessary resources in executing projects. For
   instance, filing RTI or collecting relevant information that could benefit
   an existing on-wiki project
   - Providing Press, Media & Social Media visibility to the community and
   the projects.
   - Help support nurture projects that could be taken up by the community.
   - Introduce cross-community learning.
   - Help in organizing community events and meet-ups.
   - Technical support
   - Actively take part in creating resources for the community that could
   last beyond the CIS-A2K program
   - Any other need from a volunteer or community that could help in the
   growth of projects.

So, stop wasting your time volunteering and start applying for grants and

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