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    I'm afraid that just the explanations may not suffice here as the
    concerns are serious in nature. I sincerely hope that you shall
    open up the documents for at least the sake of transparency.

    Please note that CIS has never kept its documents closed to open
    them again. CIS gets its financial and institutional documents
    scrutinized every year and reports to multiple authorities as part
    of various statutory compliances.



Kindly make the following documents public:

 1. Information about the AGMs and elections held by CIS for its
    governing body for all these years.
 2. Latest copy of the Memorandum of Association as filed with the
    Registrar of Societies, Karnataka (as mandated by Clause 13 of the
    Karnataka Societies Registration act).
 3. The annual filings of CIS with the Registrar of Societies,
    Karnataka for all these years.
 4. The property ownership documents of the premises where CIS office
    works from.
 5. The MoU signed by CIS with WMF.
 6. The FCRA certification and compliance related documents.

We do not have the property ownership documents (no. 4) as CIS does not own the building. These are with the owners and we cannot provide them.

As stated on this list many times we cannot share the WMF Grant Agreement (no. 5) without the explicit permission from WMF.

Rest of the documents could be made available. But the admin team is in the middle of audit. Let me consult Sunil (he will return to office mid next week) and get back on this.

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