//Did the grant go through the Wikimedia Grants Program process?//

and answers as folows:

"No, *this first one* did not. This arrangement is a partnership in
addition to a project grant."

If that was the first grant, were consequent terms for grants promised in
any way (written or unwritten understanding)?
The above link and recent WMF board resolution about your eligibility to
get funds through FDC  at

make it clear that you are a working partner of WMF besides being a grant

Many Wikimedia affiliates and community members sign grant agreements with
WMF. There is nothing in those grant agreements which is not already
discussed in META to keep them confidential.

So, I would like to know if you have signed a separate MoU or some sort of
lgeal contract that defines the terms and conditions of working
relationship with WMF apart from the grant agreement.

For example, inheriting the work force of former WMF India programs was one
obvious condition to get the grant.

I am looking for an MoU like the one you signed with Goa University ( ) which
clearly defines that the partnership is for 3 years and that either party
can exit with one month's notice.

The duration of the first grant is different from the duration of your
working partnership.

Please let me know if such exit clause for your working partnership with
WMF exists.

I am aware that WMF wants to keep these things confidential.

But, please understand that CIS is the first organization / working partner
of WMF that is entering the FDC process when WMF has no clear guidelines
for grant making to non-Wikimedia affiliates.

By keeping things confidential like this, both you and WMF risk losing the
trust of the community without which you cannot guarantee successful
completion of your goals.

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