Hope we can send some experiences from India. Lila's the incoming executive
director at WMF, in case some have missed that announcement.

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Date: May 29, 2014 1:55 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Edit #1 and Challenge #1
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I wanted to share my first editing experience and ask for your help. Here
it is:

Today I have made the first edit on English Wikipedia. As I said in my
first meeting -- I believe in traveling the path of our editors, so I can
better understand them and so taht we can make their experience more

I have edited in private wikis before and I have edited the talk pages. I
used the Visual Editor, even though I am well-versed in the syntax. I had
the advantage of a very very experienced user by my side and it went pretty
smooth -- so this report is not entirely fair. Even though, I did stumble
in a few places, however, and this is a learning experience for me and for
our team.

Overall I wish I had this on video. It is a bit like an experience of a kid
making their first goal. Exhilarating.

So now I have a challenge back to you:

   - Please pick a friend who has never edited before.
   - Ask them to make an edit. Any edit in any language.
   - Please have them write one paragraph about their experience.
   - Have them send it to lila at wikimedia with the subject: #1

Thank you!!!
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