I had sent following mail to the WMIN members list about 10 days back.
As there was no reply for 5 days, I sent the same again adding
individual ids of EC members.
There is not a single line of reply to the mail. Not even any
acknowledgment of receiving the mail.

I am wondering if my email id is blacklisted by EC members or there is
no one in the current EC who is nominated/interested in responding OR
WMIN is completely shutdown.

If any list members have any idea about the current status of WMIN,
please let others know.


Here is the mail I sent to members list 10 days back.

Dear WMIN members,

There are no updates of any kind from the EC in the last few months.
What is the current status of Sowmyan? Is he still there or really gone?

There are not even membership renewal reminders now. Assuming that
Sowmyan is not there, where the forms are to be sent?

What is the status of the grants-earlier ones and the new ones applied for..

What are the current projects happening in/through WMIN?

What is the current membership renewal status? What is the current count?

WMIN website is not updated for quite some time. Who is looking into
those activities?

Can someone from the EC enlighten the members please.

Thanks and regards

-- Sudhanwa

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