Dear all,

A couple of you wrote to me offlist, asking if the feministsindia list
mentioned below is a public one and if you could join.

Yes, this is a public list. If any Wikimedia women would like to join,
you're most welcome. It will certainly benefit from your participation, and

The list is If you can't subscribe directly
from the yahoo groups page, please write to the moderator: Ramlath Kavil,

Alternately, let me know offlist and I'll send an email to the list, asking
that you be subscribed.


On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 12:17 PM, Bishakha Datta <>

> Dear all,
> A complaint about this page first surfaced on the feministsindia list on
> Saturday; Rohini and I are both members of this list. I've been cleaning
> the article in bits and pieces this week, but there's still much work ahead.
> Do see the article on it that was posted on just now:
> (Also posted to wikimedians working on india-related content in english
> list)
> Best
> Bishakha
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