Dear Jayanth,

I sympathise with the position that you are in now. Knowing Moksh and
Pranav personally, I think their decision to quit has been made taking
these points into consideration. While it may be in your best
interests to stop them from leaving, I think you should also consider
their personal reasons for quitting at the moment and respect them.

The EC can easily co-opt two other members from the Chapter into the
Executive Committee for the short term to fill-in. I, myself, am
stopped from taking executive role by my current employment but I am
sure that there are many anxious members waiting for an opportunity to
serve the Chapter.

I just browsed through the MoA and it seems that any member of the EC
can resign for any reason whatsoever. There is no mention of accepting
or rejecting the same in the MoA. Also, as per the MoA, the Secretary
is empowered to take the role of the President in his absence.

I am sure that you and the remaining members of the EC can pull
through this difficult phase.

warm regards,

On 28 August 2014 23:32, Jayanta Nath <> wrote:
> As you may be aware, two members of the Executive Committee of Wikimedia
> Chapter India have submitted their resignations with immediate effect.
> However, there has been not any internal action or response or a call notice
> for an urgent Teleconference for further discussion on possible actions from
> the remaining office bearers namely the Secretary and Treasurer.
> Wikimedia India Chapter is going through a critical phase with several
> important and crucial decisions and deadlines pending. The surprising
> resignations from two board members at this juncture has made this a complex
> affair. We have very important timelines and deadlines to be complied with,
> in the coming few days.
> Due to the above critical situation, a resolution has been put forth within
> the official Internal Wiki (board members' wiki) on whether to accept or
> reject the resignations.
> One of us from the EC will be informing you of the decision output of this
> resolution duly.
> This is for your general information.
> Regards,
> Jayanta Nath
> EC Member
> Wikimedia India
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