Dear Wikimedia India Chapter members and other interested stakeholders in
the list,

As another EC member, let me assure you all that most of the remaining EC
members are actively contemplating and working towards reaching the
earliest solutions to remove any deadlocks, in a fast track mode.

The resolution on whether to accept or reject the resignations by Moksh
Juneja and Pranav Curumsey have been PASSED AS "ACCEPTED" by  3 against 1
votes with one member abstaining from any actions.

Now that the present EC has TWO vacancies to be filled, we are in the
process of co-opting two senior chapter members, ideally with a consensus,
or if necessary, again through voting.  A resolution to this effect is
already placed in the internal board wiki. Being the case of an emergency,
the resolution will be set for voting till tomorrow mid-night.

We earnestly expect that we will be able to fulfill all the seven positions
by this. We will also elect a new president (and if necessary other office
bearers) from among us.

Any pending issues / actions regarding elections and other affairs will be
discussed and decided by consensus (or a majority),  soon after restoring
the EC to its full strength.

Any decisions on hiring and other critical matters are already suspended.
It may also stay suspended further (until a freshly elected  EC come into
power) unless found absolutely necessary.

The new structure will be effective until upcoming general elections. On
successful completion of the elections, a fresh EC will take over the reins.

This is for your general information.

Thank you

On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Viswanathan Prabhakaran
Member, Executive Committee,
Wikimedia India Chapter.
Thrissur, Kerala
Wikimedia /Wikimedia India User: ViswaPrabha
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