Doing a bit more analysis on your suggestion.

On 7 September 2014 13:15, Pradeep Mohandas <pradeep.mohan...@gmail.com>

> The activity of the Chapter and the User Groups should flow to forward the
> movement.

It does not appear that way. Your suggestion seems to point to a more
anarchist approach which has failed in the Indian context.

Chapter is not democratically elected by the Community. It is a subset of
> the Community, recognised by WMF. There is a large Community member pool
> who are not Chapter members, whose membership stands between 130-150 people
> at last count. The Chapter has to consider why this continues to be the
> case after 4 years of its existence.

There are people who want to be a part of the chapter and there are people
who want to stay away.  The chapter was created to be inclusive and not
exclusive as you are constantly trying to portray. For example, I am not a
part of the chapter simply because I find it difficult to transfer the
membership amount and form but I still consider the chapter to speak for
me.  The current Govt at the Centre was not elected by a majority ie
greater than fifty percent. Rather it got the largest number of votes and
hence formed the govt.  Trying to say that it was not democratically
elected would be a fallacy and one that I keep seeing in all your emails.

> User Groups are a group of people who also similarly get affiliation from
> WMF and hence has a standing equivalent to the Indian Chapter in India.
> Here - http://meta.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_user_groups

Quoting from the above link "User groups may or may not be legally
incorporated entities" which means that they can die at any moment the main
person who started it decides to do something else. Also, from the same
above link, there is nothing which says that they are democratic and
nothing which says that it is competing with the chapter. In fact it seems
that user groups can be formed in places where there are no chapter

My original email is only for Wikimedians in India to not consider the
> Chapter as an eternal entity based on a mandate given to it in 2010.

hmm seems very anarchistic but such an approach has failed before and will
fail again.  For examples please look at all the FOSS groups in India that
are now dead.

SIGs can be formed only by members of the Chapter and not outside it. Till
> Vishwa's email today, the Chapter has been unwilling to support creation of
> User Groups stating that SIGs can perform the same role. My clarification
> in this case is only that this forces a Wikimedian to become a Chapter
> member.

So now that you have a clarification in the positive direction on user
groups I hope all of you will start working :)
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