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> About a year ago there was some interest in creating a Mediawiki India
group but met with opposition from the chapter.
> Is there currently a restriction on creating user groups independent of
the chapter? It would be good to know what this is?
> Do I need permission from the chapter to start a Wikipedia editors club
in my neighbourhood?

To answer just this simple, technical question: no, there is no
restriction, and any group is welcome to seek recognition independently of
the chapter, and does not need its permission.

See here:


As Pradeep notes, the Affiliations Committee will invite comment from the
chapter as a courtesy, but it is ultimately strictly up to AffCom to decide.

It is also true that historically, the chapter EC has strongly(!) opposed
the recognition of any other group in India, and swayed AffCom into
referring the applicants to be a SIG within the chapter instead of
proceeding with user group recognition.  Disappointingly, this never

Happily, we now hear a different tune from the EC, so I'm confident it
won't stand in the way of any prospective user groups.

I agree it's perfectly possible to have regional or language focuses in
groups within the chapter; we haven't seen it happen so far, but it's
certainly one possibility.

Ultimately it's about identity and decision making, and it's up to each
group to determine whether they're comfortable with their decisions or
activities being subject to the chapter EC or not, or whether they're
interested in operating under the national-level identity of Wikimedia
India. (Remember some Indian languages have significant speaker bases
outside India.)

Let me clearly state that the Foundation is agnostic about these questions,
and is simply interested in supporting all communities in the forms most
effective in their context.

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