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> From: Viswanathan Prabhakaran <>
> Date: 8 September 2014 23:23:58 IST
> To:, Manoj Karingamadathil 
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> Subject: [Wikiml-l] Fwd: Wiki Loves Earth winners in India
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> From: Mykola Kozlenko <>
> Date: Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 4:00 AM
> Subject: Wiki Loves Earth winners in India
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> Dear Board members of Wikimedia India,
> I am a member of Wiki Loves Earth international team, and I am contacting you 
> concerning the winners of Wiki Loves Earth in India.
> The issue is that we are going to submit all national winners of Wiki Loves 
> Earth to the international jury pretty soon (approximately 10-15 September), 
> and we still have no information about winners from India (winners from other 
> countries can be found here: 
> ). 
> At the moment India is the only country without any activity: among countries 
> without list of winners there the Netherlands already have a list of winners 
> but just don't want to publish it, while Ghana already has an active jury and 
> will have their top-10 photos in just a few days.
> Unfortunately, both organisers of WLE in India ( 
> ) 
> seem to be inactive at the moment, and Clockery (main organiser) seems to be 
> a 14-year old girl who is busy at school and who can use only her mother's 
> computer, thus we are not sure she had really contacted anyone to form the 
> Indian jury.
> Could you please do any of the following:
> * try to reach any of local organisers (Clockery or Manojk) and help them 
> reaching jury members and organising top 10 selection. I do not know if you 
> have any contacts of these users however - they have not responded to our 
> emails, and I am not sure they are more active on their home wikis...
> * find some people to form an Indian jury yourselves and submit top-10 Indian 
> photos for the international contest. Given that India is already very late, 
> you can form a jury of virtually anyone who can evaluate quality of pictures 
> (even a group of chapter members would be fine)
> * if you are lacking jury members - we may try to find some people to help 
> you (e.g. we can ask some Commons administrators or active photographers who 
> are not participating in the international jury). But please write us as soon 
> as possible if you will need some additional people for the Indian jury.
> In any case we hope that you will be able to submit winners pretty soon (you 
> have just 526 photos, not that great deal) - in at most a week, until 15 
> September - otherwise we may have to proceed without Indian images, which 
> will mean Indians will not be able to be in the international top.
> Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
> Best regards,
> Mykola Kozlenko (User:NickK)
> WLE International / Wikimedia Ukraine
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