Dear Srikanth and other readers,

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> Viswa,
> Prior to the departure of several EC members,  resolution had been passed
> to accept the draft Coi policy that was done by me with Karthik's help.
> Please ensure that it is implemented.

A new draft is being prepared, (stemmed from your draft, thank you,
Srikanth), incorporating additional details conforming to international
standards for non-profit  organizations. Within a day or two, this draft
will be presented in the chapter Wiki for review, discussion  and
suggestions by any members (and even interested community members and other

The draft will be retrieved back to the EC and will be finally vetted and
approved as a standard core document during the upcoming Board Meeting on
20,21 September 2014 at Bangalore.

Also, you mentioned a board meeting in September. Does this indicate the
> AGM or just the four core EC members.
The board meeting on 20,21 at Bangalore is a board meeting. It will take up
and decide on the matter of AGM / Elections in such a way as to conduct the
same at the earliest possible date,  as early as the stipulated timelines
and documentation requirements (mainly completion of Audit Report and
Annual Report) will allow. It will also review and decide on the voting
eligibility requirements of all chapter members who are members of the
chapter. Further, it will decide on several administrative policies, of
which, a major one will be the feasibility of enlistment of all members
(with bare minimum personal data) on the chapter wiki. Some of these
decisions will be acted upon immediately after the meeting.

The EC is also seriously corroborating on the feasibility of publishing
every minutes and resolutions passed during its business except for the
ones require confidential privacy.

In the meanwhile, we also intend to invite suggestions for modifications
and improvements in the bye-laws and other documents via discussions on the
member wiki. Such suggestions, will be finely filtered and drafted,
presented and voted upon during the AGM  and will be passed if approved by
a two third majority.

I say four because Nikita had not renewed her membership as of the first of
> July 2014 thus ceasing to be a member of the chapter let alone an EC
> member.
> You may kindly refer to the Bye-law regarding the norms on cessation and
reinstatement of membership.

Let me also take up this opportunity to inform all readers of the following:

Thank you,
Viswanathan Prabhakaran
Wikimedia Chapter

> Please look into these matters.
> On 11-Sep-2014 2:16 am, "ViswaPrabha (വിശ്വപ്രഭ)" <>
> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> The newly restructured EC has held a telecon tonight (September 10th). We
>> have decided to meet in person at Bangalore on 20,21 & 22 September 2014
>> with a large number of tasks in hand.
>> Due to several reasons, principally among them, a delay in the completion
>> of Financial Audit Reports, we are forced to postpone the AGM and Elections
>> by a few weeks, following the recommendation of our legal and financial
>> consultants.
>> The above board meeting, to be held in Bangalore, will corroborate and
>> decide on the earliest possible date to conduct the AGM and General
>> Elections considering all formal timeline constraints. We will also meet-up
>> with the Election Committee, our legal and financial consultants and other
>> concerned agencies.
>> We are also about to present a few drafts at the Chapters wiki and invite
>> amendments, modifications and improvements in our constitutional and policy
>> documents. This will include a 'Conflict of Interest' policy, a basic
>> framework on the formation of an Advisory committee, simplification of
>> membership application processes, grant process, publication of necessary
>> Membership data without compromising the privacy concerns etc.
>> We will be releasing more detailed info along these lines within a few
>> days. Till then, Please standby.
>> Thank you
>> Viswanathan Prabhakaran
>> Treasurer
>> Wikimedia India Chapter
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>>> wrote:
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>>> >
>>> > On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 10:31 AM, Samuel Klein <>
>>> wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >> I am also surprised to see no reply.  Arjuna, do you have any further
>>> >> information?
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Update on Election commitee process on WMIN Elections is here
>>> >
>>> Any further updates?
>>> Regards
>>> -Sudhanwa
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