To the remaining EC members,
This is with reference to recent changes in the chapter.

1. As Viswa pointed out in the MoA, membership runs during the fiscal year,
ie April to March. Thereafter, a 3 month grace period is given to reinstate
membership. It is noted that Nikita Belavate did not renew her membership
as on 1st of July, hence ceasing to be a member of the chapter. This was
the first EC member lost. Sowmyan notified the EC of this in the first week
of July itself.

2. On 27th August, Pranav and Moksh resigned from the EC. This was the
second and third EC member loss out of seven.

3. An EC meeting was held on 31st August. Certain resolutions were passed
regarding coopting a new member and appointing new office bearers etc.
However a non EC member, Nikita, who ceased to be an EC member as of 1st
July due to non renewal of membership was allowed to participate by the
Chair, thus making both the meetings and resolutions illegal, null and void.

4. I resigned on the 3rd of September, making it the loss of EC member
number 4. As per the MoA, Article VII, 1c, the board needs to have a
minimum quorum of 4 members to function, hence with only 3 EC members left
(Jayanta, Karthik, Karthik), no meeting can be held and no resolution can
be passed.

5. Since the chapter is now in a limbo, I suggest that the three EC members
now contact the Registrar of Societies, Government of Karnataka and ask
them to appoint an administrator to conduct the Annual General Meeting and
elections As Soon As Possible and run the organisation in the interim.

6. WMF employees, please take note that the Chapter EC is in minority and
cannot take any decision at the moment.

P.S: I understand a few days after the renewal of membership, Nikita put in
a fresh application for membership. However, it was not put up to the EC
prior to my leaving. Since the EC is now in minority, it cannot approve
hers or any other new applications until elections are held. If an
administrator is appointed by the Registrar of Societies, the administrator
would have the power to approve new applications.

Srikanth Ramakrishnan,
What goes around, may not necessarily come around, it may simply bounce

Ab tak Chappan!

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