We are introducing  a brand new concept of mystic education
"Univercity of brahmavidya"

Are you aware about your past future and present want to learn about
those then learn it from the leader

Classes are taken by Kaniyan arun webber and Dr:Arun raveendran
kaniyan is a community in kerala known by different names like kaniyan,
panikar,ganaka,kalarikurup etc,they are traditional astrologer,they
also practice ayurveda ,
 Their ancestors were the first group of ancientalien Brahmins of pre
medieval era.
 They (predecessors of Ganaka/kaniyar) were earlier known by the name Arivor .
 They had a supreme status in social hierarchyby virtue of their
excellent sense of past ,future and present
 (Trikaalangani)and profound skills in guiding the society.
 They are actually descendants of sakadwipi Brahmins.
 Origin dates back to vedic period ,Before 2000BC .
 Their ancestors were " Maga"people came from indo- Iranian region,
 eventually migratedand settled at various parts of ancient India
.Some of them had taken up the practice and belief of
 heterodox groups (Ajivka , Jainism, Budhism) .
 Latertheir predecessors become separated and segregated in to
different groups by taking up different calling or
 names at different places. Ganak Brahmins in Assam , Acharya in
Tripura , Graha Bipra in Bihar, Nakshtra Darsa,
 Jothishi in Orrisa, Joshi in western and central India, Kaniyar,
Ganaka , Kaniyan kanikal,kaniyar panicker,
 kalari panicker in south India. They were scholarly peopleand were
traditionally engaged in intellectual vocations such as
 Astronomy Astrology,Literature, Ayurveda, Teaching , physicking etc.
 Kannassa Panickers,Ayyappilli asan, and Ezhuthachan are some of the
noted personalities among them who set out the process
 of development of a regional language ''Malayalam'' Generally they
had taken up the role of astute physical and psychic
 healers ,as astrology is said to have a major role in social
regulation by means of social and individual psychological

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