With sufficient evidences, as apparent as they seem to be, I must introduce
this issue to you all.

The India mailing list is controlled by a few people, of whom no one ever
was thinking evil. However, it is time to review and see who really
controls this mail list!

I request all recipients to wake up and ask the same questions:

1. Who all control the mail list and moderate it?
2. What has been the criteria of their selection? How long they should
remain as administrators to the list?
3. Why should mails go selectively passed and selectively discarded?
4. How come very stale mail messages come after almost a month, just when
they could significantly be more relevant  (or more damaging a particular
positive cause) with a changed /new scenario?

I propose few more 'acceptable' members are added to the admin list. And
even to get rid of people whom the general community does not probably
trust any more.

We don't want any more vicious infestations to damage the 'India' context
of Wikimedia cause.

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