Nobody actually *controls* the list. And none of the present moderators
have any real need to do that.

To answer your other questions:
I'm the one who got this list started almost a decade back, so I've been a
moderator since. Some prolific contributors namely Anirudh S B, Prashanth N
S and Srikanth L were later added up as volunteers and have been helping

No mails are going selectively passed or selectively discarded. The
moderation flag has been activated for all newly subscribed email
addresses. And going by the frequency at which sock puppet accounts seemed
to be getting created on this list, I guess the moderation bit was enabled.
Knowing how different the India list is, I have no qualms about that.

It has truly been mundane everyday work for some active moderators who help
clear the mess and they have done so all these years. It really hasn't been
*control* or anything that they can gain from.

And we all can get busy. I can vouch for the fact that none have been
intentionally held back.

Srikanth L wrote internally earlier today requesting a review of this
setting, and while I'm inclined to saying 'yes' to that, with so much
happening here - not allowing sock puppets may also seem a good option to
keep sanity at check.

Having followed several mailing lists of open source projects for more than
a decade, I always find myself looking at this list I helped create and
feel regretful when I see the mailing list being misused. Having said that,
I've not meddled in any way and have let it flow all these years. None of
the moderators have either.

Some emails get filtered due to technical reasons. For instance, if the
mailing list is on the CCed list or if the mail is too heavy in size. I
would request all users of this list to be supportive and co-operative of
the moderators of this list as they've done a reasonably good job all these
years giving it their time despite their busy schedule.

And note that If anyone wants to take up the donkey work of moderation, it
is up for taking. Please do not fight over this, at the least.


On 15 September 2014 19:54, ViswaPrabha (വിശ്വപ്രഭ) <>

> With sufficient evidences, as apparent as they seem to be, I must
> introduce this issue to you all.
> The India mailing list is controlled by a few people, of whom no one ever
> was thinking evil. However, it is time to review and see who really
> controls this mail list!
> I request all recipients to wake up and ask the same questions:
> 1. Who all control the mail list and moderate it?
> 2. What has been the criteria of their selection? How long they should
> remain as administrators to the list?
> 3. Why should mails go selectively passed and selectively discarded?
> 4. How come very stale mail messages come after almost a month, just when
> they could significantly be more relevant  (or more damaging a particular
> positive cause) with a changed /new scenario?
> I propose few more 'acceptable' members are added to the admin list. And
> even to get rid of people whom the general community does not probably
> trust any more.
> We don't want any more vicious infestations to damage the 'India' context
> of Wikimedia cause.
> -Viswam

Hari Prasad Nadig
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