Hi Srikanth,

//Why only Hindi and Marathi?
Why not Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Sanskrit?//

What Asaf meant to say was that they are trying their best to invite the
right people from communities who didn't make official community
nominations. Marathi and Hindi were given only as examples by him. I am
sure WMF will invite people from all across the Indian communities. He has
already assured to look into the English Wikipedia community in India.

Asaf has already made clear that he will honour all official community

Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati communities have made official
nominations through their village pumps and I hope WMF will try their best
to accommodate as many of these members with logistics being the only

If some community has not made official nominations to make things easier
we need to assume collective responsibility for that.

Irrespective of who is participating, we need to come up with an agenda and
direction for the event by registering our thoughts at


I will also be sending out requests in all indian language village pumps
soon to share an official communication giving inputs for this event.


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