I just got bumped with a tremendously large bundle of urgent and important
tasks. Hence the prolonged silence.

Just as we discussed about the Calenders and transportation data, we could
use some efficient methods on this database too. Unfortunately, it will
take some time for me to join this fantastic, simple but highly efficient,
effort. In the meanwhile, you may share the essaince of what we discussed
together, with  our fellow-contributors here like Manoj Khurana etc.


On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 11:59 AM, Gerard Meijssen <
> wrote:

> Hoi,
> A post script; I just noticed that Post Bahadur Bogati died. He was a
> Nepalese politician. As a result I am currently adding Members of the
> Nepalese Constituent Assembly.
> Thanks,
>      GerardM
> <>
> On 16 September 2014 08:13, Gerard Meijssen <>
> wrote:
>> Hoi,
>> As you know all articles about the same subject are connected on
>> Wikidata. Regularly I add information about members of the Lok Sabha and
>> the Vidhan Sabha on Wikidata. The most prevalent reason for me is for
>> someone to die. When I notice that he or she was a member of one of those
>> parliaments I add this fact typically on the basis of the category that
>> indicates this. At the same time I add information for all the members of
>> that parliament in Wikidata.
>> Because of this mail I did this for Maharashtra, Himachal and Uttarkhand.
>> When the Hindi, Punjabi or Marathi Wikipedia have categories that include
>> the members of a parliament, it is fairly easy to add all the humans who
>> are mentioned in this category.. Human in the sense of Wikidata.. There is
>> no secret sauce; I use Autolist2 to do this and, I have documented my way
>> of working [1].
>> What would be good is to copy the data that is currently in Excel
>> spreadsheets into Wikidata. It makes that information available for
>> everyone. It will show up in the Reasonator. This [2] is the category for
>> the Uttarkhand parliamentarians for instance.. only 17 of them at this time.
>> Thanks,
>>       GerardM
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> <>
>> On 16 September 2014 04:32, Manoj Khurana <> wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> At Hindi wiki, we started a project on Indian
>>> Elections-[[:hi:वि:विभाचु]]. we are systematically creating all lok sabha n
>>> vidhan sabha pages. we are collecting data and arranging them
>>> systematically in excel sheets. Excel Sheets and AWB scripts are placed at
>>> project page (in both english n hindi). We wish all language would take
>>> benefit from work done by us. Punjabi wiki has also joined us and already
>>> helped us in return too. we wish all wikis could run this project and
>>> prepare Excel Data n AWB Script for each region and share with each other.
>>> e.g. for upcoming Maharashtra Elections Marathi Wiki may take the lead.
>>> Presently complete data is available at hiwiki for Himachal and
>>> Uttarakhand assemblies. I checked and found that these pages are not yet
>>> available even on English wiki. (at last n at least, something where hiwiki
>>> has taken lead :-) ). Anyone having AWB rights on enwiki may please take
>>> this foward.
>>> I hereby once again invite all to participate in this project. Also, on
>>> hiwiki, the main person who stared this project is a little inactive
>>> presently. I would be thankful if anyone of you can help us on Hindi Wiki
>>> also.
>>> Thanks and Regards.
>>> Manoj Khurana.
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