It gives me immense pleasure to announce the re-release of 105 Kannada
classics by Dept of Kannada & Culture, Govt of Karnataka, under CC-BY-SA.
CIS-A2K put lot of efforts in convincing the department to achieve this
milestone. These books include classics like complete Dasa Sahitya which
include complete works of Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa, complete Vachana
Sahitya, Kumaravyasa Bharata, Jaimini Bharata, etc. We got 4 books in PDF
form and they have been uploaded to Commons and index pages created in
Kannada Wikisource. The complete project page for anyone to register and
start working on is at The same page has the link
to the declaration containing the list of books released under CC-BY-SA
now. People are welcome to scan and upload other books from the list. I am
simultaneously working on procuring other books from the list in PDF form.

Thanks and regards,
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