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> The books now released by GoK also include some recent books which
>> contains collections like complete works of Dr Ambedkar, essays on
>> Ambedkar, research works on Kanaka dasa, etc.
> Copyright on Ambedkar work is yet another interesting grey area
> Read this article
> http://www.downtoearth.org.in/content/annihilation-caste-and-copyright-claims
> <quote>
> Since Ambedkar had died intestate, the Maharashtra government was ordered
> by the Bombay High Court to take charge of his voluminous writings which
> were rotting away for want of a custodian. It set up the clumsily titled
> Babasaheb Ambedkar Source Material Publication Committee (BASMP) which
> since 1979 has been publishing omnibus volumes titled Dr Babasaheb
> Ambedkar: Writings and Speeches. To date, 23 such volumes have been
> published in English and these claim the copyright vests with the
> secretary, Education Department of Maharashtra. But that it turns out is
> not strictly true.
> BASMP has been selectively giving permission to those who have sought its
> consent to republish Ambedkar’s works—some like Jadhav have not bothered to
> do so—to clear the legal issues that would allow them to copyright their
> value-added books. It was not till Navayana filed a suit in the Delhi High
> Court—its letters to BASMP went unanswered for months as did the their RTI
> (right to information) applications— that the truth finally emerged. In
> February, BASMP admitted that it did not own the copyright and only had the
> lease for it. The copyright, it said, is owned by members of the Ambedkar
> family which had given the rights to the state of Maharashtra on payment of
> royalty.
> Following this submission, the court said Navayana was free to publish AoC
> at its own risk. </quote>
> In short whoever license Ambedkar works under CC has to take same risk . I
> doubt Wikimedia community have to wait till 70 years after authors death
> till using these works . Releasing them under CC does not carry any legal
> meaning .
Even though dr B.R Ambedkar's works are available as a pdf and circulated
online for last 10+ years (see a set at
https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5gR958uDQFKQkdDbUhOVVBqbFU) This
is the reason that prevented us from uploading it to commons till date

~ regards
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