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Based on

The agenda for the meeting is likely to cover these issues:

*Introductions, expectations, ground rules
*SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and sharing
stories of individual contributors, diverse language communities and
*SWOT for India and Indic languages across South Asia
*Visioning for the movement in India
* Strategies and action plans for the movement going forward (next six
months, next year, next two years)
*  Roles, responsibilities and rules of engagement between the different
actors in India

To give few examples on how to approach this agenda, please see:





These slides are 3 years old but are relevant still.

//It is not clear if we want to discuss on on-wiki topics(copy-pasted
material, rules and regulations for admin activities etc.) //

No. This is not a consultation about each wiki project's internal policies.
They are best evolved over a period of time through direct discussions on
wiki directly guided by


and based on precedents in other wikis and local community's vision.

//off-wiki(real world events like seminars, academis, GLAM etc)
activities or any other things beyond these eg. technical things like
language support and WYSWYG editor etc.//

Above are various strategies that answers the questions "HOW can we grow
Wikimedia in India".

In my understanding, this consultation will predominantly focus on "WHAT"

WHAT is the potential, weakness, threats and opportunities for Wikimedia
movement in India.

WHAT we should be doing and WHAT we should not be doing.

WHO does WHAT and HOW is also an important question but that can only come
after we define the WHAT.

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