Extraordinary Circular

Dated: 03/10/2014

During the past several weeks, there has been significant developments and
major changes in the team of governance of  Wikimedia India Chapter
(WMIN).  The Executive Committee (EC) effective as of now, would like to
clarify the sequence of events that unfolded and the remedial steps the EC
took as and when necessary.


   On August 27th, Moksh at 8:03pm tendered his resignation as the
   President of WMIN Chapter as well as a member of the Executive Committee.
   Within minutes, Pranav Curumsey  too sent in his resignation  from the
   position as an EC member.

   With this, the number of remaining EC members became 5 (Five).

   On 30th August, the remaining EC members  immediately put up and passed
   an emergency Resolution accepting the resignation of both Moksh Juneja and
   Pranav Curumsey. This resolution was signed for by Jayanta, ViswaPrabha and
   Nikita. Srikanth signed against this. Karthik did not participate in this

   Further, on the same day, another Emergency Resolution was passed to
   co-opt two new members to fill those two vacancies. By consensus, two
   senior Chapter members were selected  to be the new EC members. All the
   then existing EC members viz. Jayanta Nath, ViswaPrabha, Srikanth, Nikita
   and Karthik  unanimously voted for both these candidates.
   Radhakrishna Arvapally, a senior Chapter member and former Chairperson
   of Bangalore SIG was one among them. Due to severe personal engagements,
   the other person gracefully refused to be an EC Member. Due to privacy
   concerns, we prefer to conceal his identity.

   With this, the number of effective EC members became 6.

   On 31st August, an Emergency Telecon was held. Jayanta Nath was elected
   as the new President as well as Radhakrishna as the new Secretary and
   ViswaPrabha as the Treasurer. All the existing EC members (viz.  Jayanta,
   Radhakrishna, ViswaPrabha, Srikanth, Nikita and Karthik) attended this
   telecon and all of them had voted for the new office bearers unanimously.

   On 2nd September 2014, there was another Telecon mainly to discuss about
   the urgent pending matters such as elections, AGM, formation of an advisory
   committee etc. All the Six EC members (viz. Jayanta, Radhakrishna,
   ViswaPrabha, Srikanth, Nikita and Karthik) had attended this meeting.

   Soon after this meeting was over, Srikant submitted his resignation.
   With this, the number of effective EC members fell back to 5 (five). This
   necessitated the co-opting of two more members to the board of directors.

   During the next EC telecom, which was held on 5th September, Dr. Ekbal
   Bappukunju was co-opted in. This was supported by all attendees (viz.
   Jayanta, Radhakrishna, ViswaPrabha, Nikita and Karthik) unanimously. The EC
   was now back with a strength of Six members. There was still one more
   vacancy in the board to be filled up. EC decided to seek out and absorb one
   more potential candidate from the list of chapter members.

   Finally, on 10th September, during yet another Telecon, Nikhil Kawale
   was co-opted to the remaining one position. This meeting was attended by
   Jayanta, ViswaPrabha, Dr. Ekbal, Nikita and Karthik) all of them
   unanimously voted in favour of Nikhil.

   As is evident from the above, Wikimedia India Chapter would like to
   state explicitly and assure everybody who may be concerned that at no point
   of time during this period, there was a decision or deliberation that took
   place without sufficient quorum or majority as stipulated by its Memorandum
   of Association. Further, the Executive Committee itself was never in
   minority as suggested by certain messages appeared in open mail lists.

The above circular is signed by the following members of the Executive
Committee of Wikimedia India Chapter effective as on date:

President:  Jayanta Nath

Secretary:  Radhakrishna Arvapally

Treasurer:  ViswaPrabha

Karthik Nadar

Nikita Belavate

Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju

Nikhil Kawale


Jayanta Nath
Wikimedia India Chapter

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