Dear Muzammil,
You could try getting in touch with Prof.Uday Narayan Singh, a famous
Maithili poet and linguist. See: His phone
number and address are available from this site.


On 6 October 2014 17:52, muzammil <> wrote:

>  Dear friends,
> I am pleased to inform you that the language committee is ready to approve
> independent Maithili Wikipedia project.[1]
> In a related development, a separate mailing list for the language which
> was denied earlier has been approved on my request for reconsideration. [2]
> I just need an endorsement from Maithili language experts that the
> painstakingly developed content in the incubator project (
>  is that
> of the language and NOT ANOTHER LANGUAGE.
> I request help from any friendly quarter -- WMIN / CIS / other volunteers
> in this direction.
> Regards,
> Muzammil
> [1] *Email for Language Committee Member WF Warburg*:
>  Hello Muzammil and Ganesh,
>  the activity of Maithili Wikipedia in Incubator is now acceptable for
> approval indeed.
>  The Language committee is willing to approve it, but usually for the
> first Wikimedia project in a language, we contact a linguist or other
> scholar who is an expert in the language, and ask him to verify that the
> content in Incubator is indeed written in this language (as I already
> explained to Ganesh when we talked in London).
>  Do you know any such linguists/expert on Maithili language which LangCom
> could contact for this verification?
>  Best regards,
> MF-Warburg
> [2]
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