Dear fellow Wikimedians and Chapter Members,

This is a bad situation. Anivar Aravind is not ready to answer any
questions or concern about him. Everytime somebody ask him some
explanations, he either attack  user(s) who try to get some
clarifications claiming that they have some agendas or ducking back
and hiding for sometime.

Personally I even don't and and I am not interested know him outside
these mailing list. As you can see, always he select words to feel
like there is a long time 'real life rivalry' as an escape tactics. I
only want to know truth and reasons.

But various accusations against him and his attitude to community
seriously trouble me also. Generally he came to ml.wp village pump to
teach us  pretending somekind of 'techno-upper-cast' that we were
wrong (eg: Unicode normalization decision and ULS deployment)  but
fortunately there is always enough people with better knowledge.

I believe it is better to ban people like him from representing
Wikimedia India and Indian Wikimedians community at least untill there
is some answers.

Praveen P

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